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Authorised Persons

Work on medical gas pipeline systems has to be managed by an Authorised Person (MGPS) possessing training in and knowledge of such systems and an awareness of the importance of patient safety.

More especially, the Authorised Person (MGPS) is expected to control this work using a dedicated Permit to Work System.

Our 4.5 day 'Comprehensive' training course provides the necessary practical and management skills and knowledge to enable participants to undertake the duties of an Authorised Person (MGPS) as defined by HTM 02-01.  The course content consists of:

  • Introduction to HMT02-01
  • Statutory obligations and other guidance
  • Documentation and the MGPS File
  • Gas safety and safe system operation
  • MGPS design and installation requirements
  • Effective system management using the Permit to Work System
  • Management of Competent Person's (MGPS) work and MGPS contracts
  • Auditing and reporting on system compliance, capacity and limitations
  • Risk analysis and prioritisation of remedial actions
  • Dealing effectively with emergencies
  • MGPS testing and quality control requirements
  • MGPS operational policy preparation, implementation and monitoring

We also provide a 2.5 day Authorised Persons (MGPS) course for those practicing Authorised Persons (MGPS) who have to attend a three-yearly refresher course in accordance with the requirements of HTM 02-01.  The course content will provide a revision of all elements of the longer AP course but stress will be placed on the management aspects of the AP's role e.g. use of the Permit to Work System and MGPS audit.  For those trained as an AP before the release of HTM 02-01 in 2006, content will provide an essential update.

As health and safety is paramount to most organisations, our Health and Safety for MGPS training is offered specifically for those Authorised and Competent Persons (MGPS) working with medical gas systems. This training includes preparation of risk assessments and safety method statements, fire safety etc, all legal requirements referenced in HTM 02-01.

Authorised Persons (MGPS) will be appointed on the recommendations of the Authorising Engineer (MGPS) of the site or sites for which they will hold responsibility. Authorising Engineer (MGPS) Services are also offered by MGPS Training.

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